“Make a Magic Wish makes you believe in everything you may want to be. The story takes you to the fantasy of the girl Marlene who loves birds and thinks that she can be a bird rather than being a girl. A book that children and adults would enjoy reading by using their imagination of a magical fantasy of becoming a bird.”
—Dr. Ada I. Ramos, Principal, Tarbox Elementary School

“A marvelous read, a book you and your child will treasure for years to come – something we all can relate to, it is friendly for both children and adults. The pictures are fabulous.”
—Alison Gilgun, First grade teacher Hannah Elementary School

“I read and loved Make A Wish. Both the story and illustrations are beautiful. It is a great story about a mother’s love.”
—Marilynn Raben, LLC, Family Therapist

“The beautiful artwork will delight young and old. Its magical story will make your heart and imagination soar.”
—Robbie Holz, award-winning author “Secrets of Aboriginal Healing”

“Nancy’s beautiful illustrations of nature draw you into this magical journey as you fly with Marlene when she is granted a wish of love.”
—Karen Paolino, International Speaker and Author of “What Would Love Do?”

“Children have an incredible connection with nature and nurturing. They can feel and see things far beyond the essences of what our evolution to adulthood has taught us to switch off. This is a wonderful book to help imprint an acceptance to both magic and nature with your child, as little Marlene exemplifies this very connection with her play pal Mert the nuthatch. A heartwarming story that will expand the imagination of your child and help forge a delightful connection to how enchanting our feathery friends can really be in bringing love together on all altitudes. Nancy’s illustrations are tremendously energizing and really bring a sense of magical animation to the story.”
— Darlene Stout, Wildlife Intuitive and author of “Uncovering Your Personal Animal Totems”

“Nancy Smith is a wonderful artist and writer. I love this story in which she shares her creative light, bringing sweetness and clarity to the reader young and old.”
—Reverend Cathi Burke